Pit Bull Won’t Let Little Boy Play With iPad – Watch What She Does For Attention


This little boy, Elliot, was just laying down on his blanket playing with his iPad not thinking too much about it, he just wanted to play some games on it, when all of a sudden Gemma, the family dog decided she didn’t want all of his attention going to anything else but her.

First She Tries To Make Him Stop
Screenshot 2015-08-20 15.06.45

After that didn’t work she then started to try to lick his face…
Screenshot 2015-08-20 15.06.30

That seemed like it might be doing the trick, so next she tried making sure he couldn’t use his arm to use the touch screen.
Screenshot 2015-08-20 15.05.32

Finally She Just Gives Up and They Decided To Watch The iPad together…which was still fine with her 🙂
Screenshot 2015-08-20 15.16.48

You Need To Actually Watch The Video To Really See How It All Went Down, and Trust me when I Tell You – It’s Adorable

To Watch Gemma Seek The Full Attention of Adorable Elliot, Watch The Video Here


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