Playing Football With the Lions


In a video titled No Stitch, No Story Kevin Richardson is seen playing football with wild lions. Kevin has been working with wild lions for years. Spending every waking moment with them he can hug them, wrestle, and play with them without fear.

Van Gils created this stunning video in response to sponsoring the KNVB. By featuring Kevin and his lions they were able to show the beauty, power, and strength of these magnificent creatures. Not shying away from sad facts, they informed viewers that the lion is in danger due to barbaric hunting practices, illegal trading, and other factors.

With the wild lion population in decline Van Gils wanted to link their sponsorship of the KNVB with the welfare of real lions and bring awareness to their plight. Kevin, the lion whisperer, is looking quite sharp as he plays football with his wild companions. His numerous scars and fascinating stories prove his courage and compassion in helping these creatures!


Thankfully, Van Gils is helping him in his mission by donating 50 euros from each KNVB suit sold in to the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary. Currently the sanctuary has 13 predator enclosures and a central enrichment area through which they rotate regularly. Kevin’s story is fascinating! He graduated with a BSc-degree but switched his career choice after working with lions  at a lion park.

Since then he has shocked the world with how close he can get to these stunning beasts. Instead of using fear to break their spirit, Kevin uses love, trust, and a personal relationship with each lion to form a bond. He knows them so well that they have simply accepted him as one of their own.

Now Watch How He Plays Football With These Lions Here!


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