Poor Husky Spent His Entire Life In Chains. But When They Let Him Free? I’m Crying


Spending your life in lock up is not how anyone dreams their life will go. Dogs are no different, though it sadly seems to be a more common existence for them.

Seeing a dog chained up outside of a house is enough to make most people cringe; if not the sight alone, then at least the horrid conditions that most of these dogs live in. In some cases, the dog needs to be rescued, and dogs that have been on a chain their whole lives are some of the hardest cases to rehabilitate. These dogs are usually unused to a human hand, and can have some serious issues with trust.

Thankfully, there are places like Good Newz Rehab for Chained and Penned Dogs. The site of the rescue was actually once the property of professional football player Micheal Vick. The place used to be used for nefarious purposes, where Vick would fight dogs. Now, however, there has been a change of management and a change of mission.

The former doggy hell now is a place where dogs come to heal and to experience love for the first time. This Husky was found chained next to his dead brother. The brother had frozen to death from neglect, and Biscuit was not doing much better.

Now Take A Look At What Happens When They Set Him Free


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