Pug Loves the Hot Tub

Both people and animals love to relax. Relaxation is a great way to begin, spend, or end a day. In this particular scene a pug enjoys a relaxing moment in a hot tub.

The swirling and pulsing water of a warm hot tub is the perfect solution to easing the tension of stressed and achy muscles. A hot top is an ideal prescription for encouraging your muscles to relax. An adorable pug cannot enjoy the hot tub enough. Either the little fellow has a lot of stress to unwind from, or simply loves the feeling of moving water, one thing is for sure-he’s not eager to get out.

Turns out it isn’t unusual for animals to enjoy hot tubs. In Jigokudani a Japanese village there is a Monkey Park that has hot springs packed with monkeys keeping warm in the cold weather. At this pug’s residence, it does not appear as though it is as frigid as in Jigokudani, Japan.

Though the relaxing effect is still very much there. The pug makes very interesting noises as it is in this state of intense relaxation. Cats purr to show that “all is well” and this pug is making a dog equivalent of purring. Most likely communicating it’s feelings of wellbeing and may be teaching us a lesson!

Watch Here How This Pug Reacts in The Hot Tub!

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