Pug Puppy Gets His Very First Bone, But No One Expected This In Return!


Puppies are notorious for their extreme outbursts of excitement. Even the smallest of things can set a puppy off on an uncontrollable spasm of joy.

The first walk, first toy, and many other firsts including visitors and any form of desirable attention. In this video you would think the puppy has just won the Powerball when he is introduced to his first bone! His reaction can only be compared to the amount of squealing, jumping, and flipping out that would occur if you realized you had the matching numbers for the $528 Million jackpot.

The adorable pug puppy can’t contain his joy and freaks out the moment he spots his human handing him a bone. His excitement over his first bone is hilarious! You can see him shaking with joy as he takes brief bites of the bone. These brief tastes would then send him into another outburst of excitement!

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video And This Excited Pug Here!


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