Puppy Watches Youtube…What Happened Next Had His Human in Stitches

First a little bit about wolves, so you can understand why this video is going to be one of the most adorable things you’ll ever see.

Wolves are pack animals that talk to each other in howls. Wolves howl for many reasons; they can rally a pack together, they’re used to defend their territory, and are used to warn other packs to stay away. Wolf howls are usually heard in chorus—that is, in groups of three or more. Contrary to popular opinion, there isn’t a connection between wolves and the moon. In fact, these pack animals are most active at sunrise and sunset. So, while it looks like the wolves are howling at the moon because they point their noses to the sky, they’re actually howling up because it allows the sound to carry further.

This Puppy Doesn’t Know All of These Facts…And Does This!

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