Rescue Pit Bull “Attacks” Human After Being Away From Him For A Week


When you see a pit bull out on the street with their owner, you may get the wrong impression just because of what’s usually said about the breed. 

They’re vicious, they’re bloodthirsty, they’re stone-cold killers not to be trusted around small children, other pets, or even you! While some pit bulls may have been bred to be fighters, the truth about their natural disposition couldn’t be any further from these descriptors.

Pit bulls were originally bred to be ‘bait’ dogs for hunting, and then it was discovered they were more useful as farm-dogs, rounding up the livestock.  More recently, and their best use, is as “nanny dogs” because they’re actually so gentle around children!

The ‘nanny dog’ version is the best way to see them, because as you can see in this video, this pit bull is attacking his human… with love! His owner had to spend a week in the hospital – a very long time in dog-years – away from his beloved companion, and opened his apartment door to the biggest surprise of his life!

Take A Look At This Precious Video Here!


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