See How This Clever Little Hamster Gets the Treat!


An old English proverb claims that necessity is the mother of invention. When many animals find food just out of reach, they devise new and clever ways of reaching it. 

Most common animals known to use tools and objects proficiently are primates. But they are far from the only animals to do so. Crows, for example, have been known to reach worms floating in a vial of water by dropping in stones to raise the water level! Hamsters are also quite clever and make excellent pets. Their small size and soft fur make them irresistible, making them a popular choice for a first pet.

In the following clip, we see an adorable furry hamster sniff a treat suspended just out of reach with a black string. Standing on his hind legs, allows the hamster to graze the treat with his nose, but makes it impossible to chomp down or use his paws.


Stretching so high, the little fur ball loses his balance and tumbles backwards. Sheepishly rubbing his nose, he doesn’t give up on the tantalizing treat. Instead, the hamster uses the tools and objects in his surroundings to devise a method to reach the treat.

We quickly see him scamper off and return pushing a blue block along the hardwood floor until it is just under the treat. Followed by a green block placed alongside.

See How Many Blocks It Takes For the Hamster To Finally Reach The Treat!


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