See What This Green Bird Tells His Approaching Brother! Hilarious!


Birds can learn an amazing vocabulary. Some birds can remember hundreds of words, and can mimic almost anything a human says.

They can learn the appropriate comment for certain situations, but unfortunately they can also learn some things without us realizing that they might pick it up until much too late. The result can be either horrible, or in this case adorable. Just take a look at what this green Indian Ringneck Parakeet has learned to say every time his brother, the blue one, comes near by.

The two birds are called Fabio and Gabriel and they look just the happy brothers that they are. The two of them have a very loving family, and that is where they learned to be so affectionate. The mother, you can hear, uses the phrase once. She leans in and says, “kisses”! However, it is fairly obvious that the birds know and love that phrase because not only do they repeat it, but they also lean in and give each other a peck on the cheek, pun intended.

Take A Look At This Epic Video Here!


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