Selfie-Obsessed Snowboarder Is Totally Oblivious To What’s Chasing Her


The dictionary definition of a narcissist is “…the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes.”

In this online world where Kim Kardashian can have a best selling book filled with just ‘selfies’ of her famous face – and other attributes – is it any wonder that the rest of us are getting a little carried away with snapping pictures of ourselves doing the most mundane of tasks?

While it’s actually a great thing that most young women are starting to be more body-positive and really into taking pictures of themselves for posterities sake, it needs to be remembered that sometimes it’ way more important to actually pay attention to what you’re doing instead of just making sure you’re getting your good side on film!

This young woman was snowboarding, which I’ll have to say is one of the more intense workouts in a pretty intense environment, and instead of paying attention to any upcoming moguls or trees, she decided to showcase her skills at singing along with pop star Rihanna’s “Work”, and showing off her skills on the powder that OMG!

What’s That Massive Thing Running Towards Her?!


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