She Looks Into Her Dog’s Eyes, And What Follows Has Me In Tears


One of the things we can always depend on in life is change, and while some of it is good, some of it can be very, very hard. 

One of the hardest things can be aging, and if you’re a pet-parent, you know that one of the things that goes with this change is the eventual loss of our faithful canine companions. In this poignant video this doggie-mommy is looking into the eyes of her very aged dog, probably to get ready for the last few days of his lie, and the memories of how her life was changed because of this pooch is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye even if you don’t own a pup of your own.

Just consider, this dog was her childhood companion, was there for her awkward high school dating years – and even growled at her adolescent suitor when that first kiss was attempted in the living room! There’s graduation, a first apartment, new neighbors and leisurely walks in the park together. It’s clear that even on bad days, this four-legged furball was her closest friend, even as the evening of their life together creeps ever closer.

But even though this change will be the biggest challenge of their lives, it’s clear that the biggest change is the dog-mom’s new life as a human mommy, who’s ready to share the magic of this lifelong companionship with her own daughter!

You get to see the moment this new bond is forged when she picks the puppy out of the box for herself, and if you weren’t crying at the beginning, you definitely did by now.

Feature Image Source: Ashutosh Sahu / Facebook


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