She never walked on a driveway like this before…but you have to hear her friends watching her


Yesterday afternoon much of the east coast of the United states was getting a storm that came up from the south and caused some pretty crazy snow and ice and just the “not so fun to drive in” kind of weather.

Some places in the world deal with snow and ice and inclement weather quite a bit different than others, especially places in Canada where snow is not just a normal occurrence at this time of the year, but just a normal every day aspect of life 🙂

But there are those times that even when you know what to expect and know that the weather is not the best out, things happen that take the “normal, regular every day” and turn it into something that you have to see to actually appreciate what it’s like for people that may not be entirely acclimated to these sudden, sometimes dangerous conditions, but also very fun to watch other people struggle to deal with.

That’s exactly what happened in the following video, not only did the woman trying to get into her car have absolute no way to do this herself, but her friends knew it and couldn’t help but watch the whole situation unfold in front of them, as well as video it for us all to enjoy.

The following video is going viral all over the internet, and you’ll see, and “HEAR” exactly why below.



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