She Takes The Stage With Her Dog And A Broom. Nobody Was Expecting THIS!


Britain’s Got Talent has seen some amazing dancers overcome some overwhelming challenges to show their skills on stage.

Chandi, however, may have overcome as much as any contestant to get to that stage; she was a rescue dog who has finally got a chance to shine. Tina is a teacher by day, but her real passion is with Chandi. When she found the amazing colored pup in the system, she knew she had to rescue her.

A short time later, it became obvious how well the pup, who she called Chandi, could learn new commands. She had picked up all of the normal things: sitting, laying, shaking, and even rolling over. So, Tina thought, it was time for a real challenge. She set out to really teach the dog a thing or two, and get a routine together, and by the time they have reached the show they both know the routine by heart.

There is still one more hurdle to face, however. Chandi has to deal with a big crowd, and that isn’t easy. Chandi and Tina are a hit from the start with the audience, but all that buzz makes Chandi a little nervous. When you watch, Tina has to keep her calm with treats and affection before the dance routine starts.

Now Take A Look At Their Jaw Dropping Performance Here!


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