She Went Up On Stage With Great Expectation, But See What the Judges Did


Meet Lorraine Bowen, a 53-year-old from Brighton who teaches piano to twelve students. She is there to perform her own song about crumble, as in Sunday afternoon pudding.

She is there with her small Casio organ and starts with contagious confidence and energy. Almost instantaneously she hears the red buzzer by Simon followed by two more red buzzers but David is captivated. Oblivious to the negative feedback Lorraine continues to sing “Everyone is good at cooking something,” and gets really into it sending her DJ headphones flying.

To the shock of the other judges, David reaches out and presses the golden buzzer sending her straight to the live semi finals! Simon is mortified with his hands covering his face and practically sobs as the golden streamers fly all around this eccentric individual.

When asked about the content of her songs, Lorraine explains that she doesn’t want to write a boring old love song. Instead she writes unique songs about spinach, polyester, and even fish fingers and space.

Take A Look At This Hilarious Audition Here! Don’t Forget To Note Simon’s Expressions!


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