She’s Had 31 Chemo Treatments, He Brings Her On Stage & Sings, I’m In Tears


When most people think of little girls, they think of little girls playing with dolls, or dressing up like a princess and running around the house pretending to be ballerinas and having no cares.

This little girl wishes she could do all those things as well, but while she pretends, she also fights, and fights hard. With over 30 chemo treatments under her belt at such a young age you know she’s a strong little girl. Maybe instead of being a princess for the day…she prefers just to be with her family and friends, and that’s exactly what this little girl does, but she’s still an absolute princess.

While she attended a Lee Brice concert, he saw her in the front rows and had her come up on stage with him. Not only did the crowd cheer for her, but you could see that as much fun as she was having, she must be so careful when out at a large public place like a concert.

As he sings to her, you can almost hear Lee’s voice start to give out as he sings to this beautiful little girl fighting a disease that no little girl or parent should ever have to go through.

This video show’s that she’s not alone in her fight, and she has a ton of people in her corner, rallying for her to get better and get the chance to go to as many concerts as she wants to for as long as she wants.

Listen to the crowd when she goes up on stage, and listen to Lee’s voice – I think he may have teared up…but that’s OK. Big men can cry too.

Watch the video right here, you’re going to love it!


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