Silly Cat Attacked By A Tail: An Unexpected Foe!


Cats love sitting in boxes, big boxes, small boxes; they seem to be the perfect spot to from which to stage an ambush or relax. Maras, a stunning dark grey cat, found just such a box and happily climbed in.

Boxes seem to have a way of keeping cats warm, providing stress relief, and a place to rest. Poor Maras didn’t have any of these when she found a box to climb into. Upon climbing in, things went from comfy cozy to rage and confusion as he was attacked by…..a tail.

After climbing into the box, Maras noticed a tail sticking out. After staring at the tail intently as it moved toward him, he freaked. Biting, growling, and vocalizing his displeasure; within an second, Maras quickly grabbed the offending attacker and bit down hard.  The tail, his own!


In the background you can hear his owner laughing at the fact that Maras seems to have forgotten that the offending tail was, in fact, his own. As the owner tipped the cat out of the box to break up this strange fight, the cat sheepishly want to it’s scratching box. “We don’t need other cats to fight with, do we Maras,” said the owner lightly scolding the silly cat.

See How This Silly Cat Reacts When His Tail Attacks Him!


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