Silly Cat Attacked By A Tail: An Unexpected Foe!


While Maras may have had a temporary moment of confusion and lapse of judgement, keep a close eye on your pet if you see them biting their tails. Though there is no need to worry if it was a random occurrence, you should take note if it takes place several times a day. Any type of constant tail mutilation that causes missing fur, bleeding, and cuts on the tails is not normal.

Cats may sometimes bit their tails aggressively if a flea or other insect bothers them. There are also many other physical health problems that can contribute to this behavior. Behavioral causes such as boredom and stress may be influencing this type of behavior. If you have trouble figuring out if your cat’s behavior is typical or off, be sure to ask your local veterinarian their thoughts. And be sure to take a video or your cat’s silly behavior!

Feature Image Source: YouTube


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