Simon Cowell Can’t Rain on the Performer’s Parade! No Can Do!


Jodi Bird loves musical theater and takes to the Britain’s Got Talent to do what she’s always wanted—perform. But then we have Simon Cowell to impress too!

Jodi chose the song ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ from the 1964 musical ‘Funny Girl,’ and it’s clear from the start that she has a great set of pipes. But just 10 seconds into the song, Simon stops the audition because he thinks the song is too kitschy.

The audience is prepared for mutiny and the other judges immediately lambast Simon for stopping a wonderful performance that they were enjoying and demand that she finishes her audition. The music begins again and Jodi gives the performance of her life.

Jodi Adds Simon’s Name Perfectly Into The Song! See What Happens Next!


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