Simon Cowell Mocks Man and is Quickly Put in His Place WOW


Simon Cowell is known for his crass and often BRUTAL comments. During this audition, Patrick George implies that he, by himself, will perform as a full gospel choir. Simon looks at him and you can see right away that Simon is going to say something, but no one really thought he was going to go “there”

To the crowd’s horror, Patrick George is mocked by Cowell because of his size, and George gives out a little of what he’s getting…

Simon says some pretty rude comments to the man, and mocks him quite a bit, but Patrick stays up on stage and takes the shots and jabs from Simon because he knows he has something that Simon was not expecting…

No One Was Expecting This, Especially SIMON!

As soon as the music starts and his act begins you start to see the crowd and Simon start to become shocked at what they are witnessing.

Watch What He Did That Blew The Roof Off This Place


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