Simon Was About To Push The Button, Then Hollie Steele Completely Blew Him Away!


The pretty Hollie Steele had just started her performance on Britain’s Got Talent, but Simon Cowell wasn’t impressed. Then this happened!

In 2009’s Britain’s Got Talent, a little ballerina appeared on stage and started performing, but Simon Cowell wasn’t impressed. Everyone thought that this was just going to be a sweet and cute ballet routine and from the looks of it, Simon Cowell didn’t want to see it and he was just about to press the button when the pretty ballerina completely blew him off!

See The Performance That Made Simon’s Jaw Drop


  1. I love to listen to the shows Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got
    Talent. There are so many talented children and older people both in England and in the USA, and I do watch them all the time.

  2. Hollie Steele is a lovely and talented young girl, and Simon got a big surprise when Hollie started so sing. I am glad he did not get to push the button, as I am think it would have made Hollie feel bad. Good show, and Simon can be very rude at times when it is something he does not like.


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