Simon’s Cat Eats Catnip, Then The Funny Reaction Takes Over!


If you haven’t heard about Simon’s Cat it is a cartoon about a patient man named Simon and his rowdy cat.

As the title of the cartoon indicates the cat is the star of the show acting like a real life cat that, despite its rowdiness, is lovable. Catnip or catmint, as it is also known, is a plant related to the mint family with downy leaves and purple spotted flowers.

Its minty smell is attractive to cats and they often have a funny reaction that Simon’s Cat cartoon captures perfectly. It begins by Simon coming into the house, which is decorated for Christmas with a small, decorated tree. He dusts the snow off his shoulders and walks in with the cat watching him intently and following his lead because it is hungry.

Simon remembers he got a small present for the cat and throws it on the floor. This is a little pouch filled with catnip. At first the cat is uninterested because of its hunger but then its curiosity is aroused when it catches a sniff of an unfamiliar scent.

Now Check Out The Hilarious Reaction Here!


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