Son Pays off Mortgage For Parents and Records Their Reaction


You see his Mother and Father burst into tears of joy when they open and read the letter that Pavin gave them, and it’s so special to watch.

Pavin Smith was a 7th round draft pick and prospect for the Arizona Diamondbacks Major Leage Baseball team. When he was scouted by the team they gave him a $5,000,000 sign on bonus which he then turned around and used part of that payment to pay off the mortgage for his parents.

It was something they never expected and never thought would happen in such a way, but it did and their tears of joy and happiness are so emotional to watch.

We may never experience the same kind of gift and may never get the chance to have someone pay off our entire mortgage payment, but at least we can enjoy the amazing and emotional reaction that this happy family was able to share in.

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