She Found Him In a Shoebox In The Middle of a War Zone – His Story Made Them Cry, His Voice Made Them All Stand!


Everyone is seated, waiting for the next contestant, and finally the time comes for Emmanuel Kelly to audition for the 2011 The X Factor. Watch what he did to deserve a standing ovation! 

Born in Iraq in the middle of a war zone, Emmanuel and his brother were abandoned to an orphanage where their new mother found them and finally took them both to Australia. Emmanuel, who is now probably in his early twenties, always wanted to become a professional singer, the best, as he said so himself. “I sing everyday, every night…!“, said a happy Emmanuel. When asked how old he was, he initially mentioned that he was 17, but he wasn’t sure. According to him, he and his brother were found in an orphanage (in a shoe box) with no birth certificate, no passport or any other verification document by their mother.

It was like looking at an angel when mom walked through the orphanage door. She brought us both to Australia for surgery originally, and then, um…sort of mom fell in love with both of us! My hero would have to be my mother. She worked very, very hard, extremely hard to change my life hugely,” said Emmanuel. Despite having no identity, Emmanuel thinks that with his mother and his brother he has the courage to do just about anything!

Without further ado, let’s check out Emmanuel’s audition because this will touch your heart, I promise!
Watch It Right Here


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