Super Simple No Bake Cheesecake – Perfect For Mother’s Day or Any Day


I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love love LOVE cheesecake. Every time I go out and I hear that they have cheesecake on the menu I end up ordering it…even when I’m dieting LOL. What makes this cheesecake the best thing ever…there is no baking at all! Perfect for any occasion, especially this Mother’s Day (meaning you don’t need to make it, it’s easy enough for anyone LOL)

1. How Delicious Does This Look. It Looks So Refreshing Too. 

Screenshot 2015-05-07 17.40.56


2. Some Cream Cheese and Some Condensed Milk – So Far It Seems Easy Enough

Screenshot 2015-05-07 17.41.17

3. Mix It Up Until It’s Nice and Smooth – Yep Anyone Can Do This

Screenshot 2015-05-07 17.56.54

4. Add a Little Bit Of Lemon Juice

Screenshot 2015-05-07 17.57.10

5. Don’t Forget a Sprinkle of Vanilla Extract

Screenshot 2015-05-07 17.57.35

 6. Add It Inside The Pie Crust, Homemade or From The Store

Screenshot 2015-05-07 17.58.38

7. Let It Sit in The Refrigerator for 3 Hours

Screenshot 2015-05-07 17.59.09

8. Add Delicious and Tasty Toppings of Your Choice

Screenshot 2015-05-07 17.59.22

For Full Ingredients and The How To Video – Watch It On The
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