Sweet Confrontation Between a Father and Rebellious Toddler Girl


As a parent you have undoubtedly walked into a room to find your young toddler up somewhere they aren’t supposed to be. Some toddlers instantly scramble down to avoid getting in trouble the moment they hear you coming while others refuse to budge and decide to stand on their conquered ground in defiance!

One father found his 19 month-old little toddler up on the office desk. After telling her to get her butt down off the table, the adorable tot mimics her dad’s intonation and lets him know she has every right to stand there. The adorable standoff escalates as she shakes her head and defies her father.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do, I’m your boss, now get down” states her father, after which she responds by calling him the best insult she can come up with in her baby talk- Iggy Iggy Way.


Despite her persuasive demands and insistent babbling her daddy picks her up and sets her down, despite her kicking legs of protest. From start to finish, this adorable confrontation makes it clear that when this little lady has something to say, she will say it loud and clear, whether she has the proper words to do so or not!

See This Entire Confrontation Here!


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