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“Lip Read Game” Watch How He Reacts When He Finds Out He’s Going to Be a GRANDFATHER

This game was created by Jimmy Fallon, and thank goodness the game went viral and this married couple heard about it. As you can see from the image above, the 2 new expectant grandparents have headphones on and can not hear the husband and wife on the other side of the dining room channel. The […]

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Can You Find All 7? This May Be One Of The Most Difficult “Find The Difference” Games Ever

This may be one of the most difficult “Find The Difference” games we’ve ever seen. Although we may be a bit biased, after all we did create this image to find the difference. There are 7 small but unique changes in this photograph. We’ve asked several people to find the changes, and so far no […]

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What Game of Thrones Woman Are You? Take The Quiz Now To Find Out

Ever want to know what Game of Thrones character you would be if you were living in Westeros?  There are so many powerful and amazing women on Game of Thrones, and also many that are cunning and macabrely evil. Who do you think you would be, do you have any ideas? Do you think you’d […]

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