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This 80 Year Old Auditions, Simon Laughs, But Then He’s AWESTRUCK. Rock On Janey!

Who doesn’t know Simon Cowell?! The English reality TV celebrity is one to be feared especially if he’s going to be auditioning you! But this 80 year old thought otherwise. (more…)

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What This Dad Does For His Autistic Son Is So Inspiring – I Was In Tears

There are some small business owners that go above and beyond with how they build and grow a business. Some go out and look for workers that they can pay cheaply and get high turnover rates and new employees applying weekly to fill in the gaps, and some look for the best workers they can […]

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It Was Her First Day Of School. Watch Her REACTION When Daddy Came To Pick Her Up

For many people in the USA in the past few weeks, it may have been a hard time for them mentally. Many of us dropped our child off at school for the first time this year. Many may have dropped their son or daughter, or perhaps grandchild for the first time ever. There are feelings […]

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His Friends Said He Would Embarrass Himself. He Decided to Prove Them All WRONG!

They said he would completely embarrass himself if he tried out. Each time he filled out the application to send in to the contest he tore up and threw away. He finally built up the courage to go up on stage and try out and when he did there wasn’t a dry eye in the […]

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Ed SHeeran

Ed Sheeran Surprises Couple At Their Wedding, But That’s Just One Part Of The Story

Imagine planning your wedding, getting everything all set…just about ready to send out all the invitations to your potential guest and the unthinkable happens…what and how would you cope with it? (more…)

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