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Can You Pass This Pit Bull Quiz – This Will Prove That Breed Specific Legislation is Unfair

Pit bull’s and Breed Specific Legislation is a heated topic. If you have a pit bull in your family you probably know all about this law, and how it effects you and other families with Pit Bulls. (more…)

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5 Pitbulls Who Think Breed Specific Legislation Is A Joke!

According to Breed Specific Legislation, pitbulls are restricted dogs, but here are 5 adorable pitbulls who’re ready to challenge that! (more…)

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This Pit-bull Can’t Keep Away From This Baby, He’s Nonstop Kissing and Loving This Kid

Another awesome video of how awesome Pit-Bulls are with kids. You see the little boy crawl up to both dogs and immediately the Pit starts attacking the little boy with kisses and soon the other dog follows up with a few as well. The little boy starts giggling and laughing and the Pit-bull just keeps […]

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Pitbulls Are Loyal, Loving And Kind. This Proves It. Presenting Joanie And Chachi!

Whoever says pitbulls aren’t loyal, kind or loving really hasn’t met a pitbull. Pitbulls are nothing but adorable and this post proves it! Here’s kudos to Joanie the pitbull who changed the minds of people! (more…)

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Rediscovering Pitbulls – 11 Adorably Dressed Pitbulls Ready To Steal Your Heart!

What do you get when you cross a pitbull with a turtle?! Find out! These adorably dressed pitbulls will blow your mind! (more…)

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