The Bond Between This Baby And His Husky Is just Incredible!


In a recently surfaced video, we can admire the amount of gentleness a husky directs at a little baby!

Throughout history, we can see paintings and relics reflecting the bond between humans and animals.  In ancient Egypt cats were highly esteemed, while in other countries animals of transportation played a vital role and part in the daily lives of our ancestors. Dog’s in particular, have an especially close bond with the human race.

Whether in a relationship with an adult or child, dog’s have been dubbed as a man’s best friend. Huskies are a beautiful breed of dog that are greatly admired for their wolf-like similarities in fur and facial structure. For a first time owner, these dogs may be a challenge as they are independent, intelligent and athletic. Huskies can be very tolerant toward children, making them great for households with small kids.


Though they can be gentle supervision is always required when young children are near the dog, no matter what breed. In a recently surfaced video, we can admire the amount of gentleness a husky directs at a little baby. The husky, with striking blue eyes and reddish brown fur, demonstrated its love for the baby by playing very so gently.

We can see the full grown husky sitting regally as the baby tries to catch his attention to play with. Reaching the husky the baby gently pets the large dog. This catches the huskies attention and the husky turns its head toward the baby.

Watch This Adorable Video Here >>


  1. How gentle the husky is with the baby! Dad is right there with both of them. The baby is also gentle with the husky. Dad just needs to keep reminding the baby to keep being gentle with the husky and not to hit or pull his ears!!! I think that dog will be the baby’s best friend!!!


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