The Bond Between This Baby And His Husky Is just Incredible!


Studying the dog, the baby reaches up again to pet the husky. The husky surprises the baby by bending its head and rolling on its back between the baby’s arms. But the husky doesn’t stop there! Licking the babies face, the husky causes the baby to break out a smile and the dad to burst into laughter. The husky even gently nibbles on the baby’s fingers as it would have nibbled its own pups.

As the father’s laughter is not far from the baby and dog it is clear that the situation is supervised and safe. What makes the love between the baby and husky stand out is the conversation or show playing on the TV. The heaviness of politics and fairness contrasts with the sweetness and innocence of a baby playing with dog-making the moment a sweet one!

Feature Image Source: YouTube


  1. How gentle the husky is with the baby! Dad is right there with both of them. The baby is also gentle with the husky. Dad just needs to keep reminding the baby to keep being gentle with the husky and not to hit or pull his ears!!! I think that dog will be the baby’s best friend!!!


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