The Fun Way I Eat That Helps Me Lose Belly Fat Easy


First, I want to be 100% Honest.

I love PIZZA!!!

So I wanted to find a different way to eat so I could still enjoy the foods I loved (craved) and could still “diet” and not feel like a failure like all my past experiences.

Eventually I figured out a way and it’s pretty easy, so I wanted to share with you.


Basically, what it is, is a Very Low Carbohydrate diet (30-40 grams of carbs a day)

You eat plenty of protein and fats (bacon and cheese is permitted – AWESOME) but cut back the carbs to almost nothing.

Don’t WORRY – This is not the KETO Diet!!

Let me explain what I do, and how I changed it up to work for me and has also worked for other people I’ve told too.

I would eat “Very low carb” for 3 days and take 1 day off and eat whatever I wanted – no rules.

Then I would start again and repeat.

Occasionally, if I had plans coming up for the weekend, I’d extend my “Very low carb” days until that day, so I could truly enjoy my night out

I’d eat what I wanted to.
I’d drink what I wanted to.

Next, I added this to my diet! Now, it’s even easier to lose my belly fat

To Learn More and see why this FUN WAY of Eating works so well!

Once I added this tea to my daily habits…

It was like I had discovered the magic “pill” that everyone who eats a ton but never gains weight knew about that was kept hidden from me for years LOL.

And I’m not the only one who actually saw results from this tea recipe.

For example, check out Tara

This is Tara.

She burned away 20 pounds of stubborn fat in only 3 Weeks!
She even said she had literally tried every new trendy diet and failed for years and years…

The way I heard the story, she actually sobbed when she saw the pictures below — 21 days apart…

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What’s amazing is that she is still going strong months later. She has never gained back an ounce. And she still enjoys the simple daily ritual that helped her lose all the weight!…

This technique and Tea Recipe also works for men…

Check out Peter

Within days of drinking this tea recipe saw huge changes in the mirror.

In just 3 weeks, he had lost so much weight – his momentum was unstoppable…

In 21 days he lost 27 lbs…
In 96 days he lost 84 lbs

Now, over a year later… he has not gained back an ounce!

Check out these INCREDIBLE pics he shared…

Want to See How Peter Lost 23lbs in 21 days?

YES! Same guy!! (notice the same arm band tattoo?)

Remember… using this tea recipe, Peter has his life back it’s so SIMPLE, he almost didn’t even bother checking it out!

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“After following this simple system for a few months I easily lost over 20 pounds and still eat the way I want to a couple times each week without regret!”

How cool is that?

I start my “Very Low Carb” again the following day for another 72 hours or so.

Following this simple system here allowed me to change the way I eat, as well as still enjoy all the foods I enjoyed.


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