The Little Dachshund Looks Totally Outmatched, But You Won’t Believe What Happens!


Have you ever been to a family picnic where you do the potato sack race and a good old round of tug-of-war?

Especially when tug-of-war happens, you know that things get seriously competitive and can we say…out of control! If you own dogs you know that tug-of-war is a game changer when it comes to play time, and these two 200 pound dogs are having an awesome time of it! Usually , when I see two people who are so much bigger than I am, I’m happy to let them have their way with the game – no way would I want to get in the middle of all that!

But here’s where dogs are so much more brave than their human counterparts – this 11 pound dachshund give zero cares how big the other dogs are… she wants in! I’ll have to admit, just seeing this lil lady take on not one, but TWO huge dogs, with her tail wagging, I was beyond impressed.

If you watch carefully, at first these two behemoths don’t even seem to see this cutie doing all she can to make herself known, even easily pulling her across the waxed wood floor, but she’s not gonna give up no matter what.

Then Something Hilarious Happened! You’ll Be Surprised!


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