The Murderous Sign of a Devastated Pet Owner


There have been many billboards, church, and yard signs that have caused a sensation on the Internet. Some have earned laughs while others gained gasps. Most recently a yard sign elicited both sadness and fear in passing drivers.

Losing a pet can be very hard especially if the pet was part of a family. Grief can be expressed in many different ways and, in this case, the owner and their family expressed it loudly and visually. It is very different when a pet dies of natural causes then when its death is caused by an accident or a person’s negligence. In this case, the owner knew that the driver of the vehicle killed their pet was speeding, and was justifiably enraged.


The owner, grieving the loss of their beloved pet also warned of the possibility that a child may be hit. On a street, children often play near the road, and a speeding driving may not have enough time to hit the brakes- just as they weren’t able to hit the brakes to prevent the death of their pet. The chilling last sentence of the billboard threatens to the repay  any driver that hits one of the dog owner’s children…with death.

Check Out This Sign Here


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