Their Bulldog Falls Asleep On The Beach. But When They Near Him? Hilarious!

Bulldogs love to swim, especially this guy. But you wouldn’t know it from looking at this video.

Usually a beach day is full of waves and water, swimming and splashing, but it seems like the first beach day of the year was not to be that for this guy. The video, however, is awesome, and this pooch sure seems to understand what going to the beach is really all about!

The pet parents of this wonderful guy went for a quick splash in the water only to come back on land to this scene. The dog, instead of playing too, passed out belly up on the sand, hogging the beach blanket and everything. The sun warming him, the blanket protecting his fur from the sand, he is as content as could be, and as the humans walk up, instead of flipping over and watching them he just stays passed out.

There isn’t any reaction when then set up their other blanket, or get the camera, or start filming. Really, he doesn’t react to his name or even being pet! He has tuned everything else out and is just become one with the beach. He’s only doing what most of us want to do all the time.

Life goal: Be this dog.

Posted by YourTango on Wednesday, 9 March 2016

As with our own bodies, however, you need to make sure to wash the sand and salt off your dog’s skin, be careful of dehydrating in sun, and be sure to keep an eye on the surf report and not let your pet out in to anything that is too rough for them. With beach time nearly upon us, hopefully we can all find some time to copy this dog. Share away people!

Feature Image Source: YourTango

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