Their Names Are Mayo Naise, Jack Hass And Even Worse, Isis! Here Are Some Hilarious Real Names!


I’m sure you’re all using Facebook and if you are, you must have come across some hilarious unusual names, real names! If you haven’t this will crack you up!

What if your name was Beyonce, or Lady Gaga? How would you react to the jokes or comments that people make thanks to your name?! These people are real and they’re fed up! Yes, they have the most unusual names and believe it or not, these names, especially the last one is super hilarious!

Here’s Beyonce!

Then Shakira pops up, her hips don’t lie either!

Then here’s Julia Roberts, a “pretty woman” who encourages people to love their names!

But how can you really be proud especially if you’re named after a “dressing”?

I guess some people are just lucky!

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