These Adorable Cats Are So Lazy They’ll Win First Prize In The Lazy Competition!

These cats are hilariously lazy! They’re so lazy that they invent genius ways to do their daily things so they don’t have to move much. I fell down laughing! Especially the first cat! OMG!

We’ve all had those days when we want to do nothing, just sit, sleep or laze around. Sometimes even the smallest tasks feel like they require too much work; like grabbing a glass of water for example. You have to sit up, stand, walk a mile, get a glass, fill it up, and then drink…so much work. So instead of doing this, we just prefer to sit on the couch and pray that someone will get us a glass of water…

Animals are also quite lazy if they have to be and the can beat you in the lazy competition, if there was one! Take an example of this cat, who was thirsty but very lazy. So he invented a genius way to be lazy and hydrated at the same time! In the video you’ll see that it’s lazing near his water bowl so he could have easily dipped his head for a sip, but no, that’s too much work, so he did this instead! It’s hilarious, I swear!

He’s hilarious isn’t it? Well, he’s my new lazy here, that’s for sure! Moving on to this other cat who didn’t want to move a muscle, no matter what came his way!

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