These Cute Abandoned Puppies Become Best Friends with This Lonesome Giant Tortoise


Four small puppies were brought to a local PetSmart near Corona, California. A man brought them in to the store and told employees that he found them on his property and wasn’t able to find the mom of these little guys.

He the puppies to the store inside a beer box he was able to find and deliver them safely in. Luckily a Foster mom named Andrea from 2nd Chances Rescue took the scared and shaking puppies with her to her house.

The little guys were fed and given a warm and a safe place to sleep but even with everything Andrea did, she still noticed that something was missing in their lives.

At Andrea’s home, she also rescued a Sulcata tortoise which she named Goliath. Goliath, who is obviously not a dog, was alone most of the time. The other dogs and puppies that Andrea rescued and brought back to her home basically ignored the 80lb, slow moving giant, but all that was about to change, and change for the better.

Watch the video and see what happened to this “family.”

Source: Abandoned Puppies Befriend A Lonesome Giant Tortoise by PAWsitive

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