These Wedding Fails Will Have You Cringing or Laughing Your Butt Off – You Have To See This


If you’re anything like me, you enjoy being invited to a good wedding. Maybe not every single time you get an invite, but most of the time I find that when we get an invite, we know we’re going to go and have a good time and celebrate this momentous occasion in those 2 people’s lives.

Unbeknownst to all of these couples and everyone involved, the good people over at Americas Funniest Videos have compiled a great list of wedding fails.

From people passing out, to mishaps while taking pictures and videos, these clips are going to make you laugh, cringe and even say OMG.

Hopefully nothing like what you’re about to see happened to you at your wedding or someone you know, but if something hilarious like what you’re about to see happened…Let us know on our Facebook Page.


Valentine's Day Wedding Fails

Valentine's Day Wedding Fails

Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos on Saturday, February 13, 2016


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