They Adopted A Bulldog With Special Needs, But When She Saw This Piglet?


Some bonds just seem to come naturally to all of us. It seems this is the case in this striking encounter as well. A newly adopted pit bull is brought into a new home to meet his fresh mini-me.

Only upon arrival he is, I’m sure, quite shocked to learn his new house buddy is no species of dog ever known. He is greeted with a small oink from a baby piglet. Said piglet displays an irrational sense of bravery however and while many piglets in the same situation would be running to save their bacon in a sense, this one instead places itself right at the face of the looming bulldog and does something unexpected between the two.

Instead of showing any form of fright or even hostility, it opts for affection and proceeds to lick the dog’s face repeatedly. Instead of the reckoning one might expect from most dogs, this one seems more than content with the piglet’s presence, if even a little annoyed with the licking. Yet persistence and a little bit of cuteness go a long way and the dog is soon following the piglet around.

It’s funny how quickly opposite’s can attract and while dogs and pigs may not be natural enemies it’s heart warming to see these unlike animals become friends in such a short time span. If only us humans possessed the ability to make friends with one another as easily! Looks like we could learn a thing or two from our animal kingdom friends.

Feature Image Source: Rumble


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