They Asked This Boy About His Grandmother. His Response Broke The Internet.


My favorite day of the year throughout my school years was always grandparents day. My school would fill with grandparents from all sides of the family.

They would all come together and participate in a school wide church service along with a visitation afterwords. What really made this visitation special was always the look of joy on my grandmothers face. Many people may not share the same sentimentality, yet it’s hard not to feel cared for and loved when one is around their grandmother. A video released in 2008, hosted by, shows I’m not the only one who feels this way however!

This young boy explains in detail how his grandmother is one of the most important relationships in his life to date. He talks about the real reason God made grandmothers and you can see the sincerity in his eyes every time they make contact with the camera. Grandmothers are always there to help with our problems and are always able to offer some form of long forgotten advice.

They are also a great safeguard from the pains of hunger, I don’t know about you but can my grandmother sure cook! We should all take a page out of this little boy’s book and think of all the great things our grandmothers do for us, both the big things and the little things. We should all take an extra day out of the year to really do something nice for our grandmothers. No, convincing them to bake you cookies while you sit by and eat out the cookie dough isn’t included in that list.

Feature Image Source: goodnewsdonandcheryl



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