They Couldn’t Understand How Their Dog Escaped His Pen. The Hidden Camera Recorded THIS!


Dogs can be little Houdinis if they want to be some times. Some dogs are trained well, and really love their pens or kennels.

Others, well they don’t like them so much, and will escape them almost at will. For this family, their dog had mystified them by breaking out of his kennel so many times that eventually they just couldn’t figure out how. They would arrange things just so, so that he “couldn’t” get out; and yet he always found a way.  So one day, the family sets up a camera to catch juts how the dog gets out of his pen.

The result is pure internet gold, and a great learning opportunity if you also have a little Houdini at home. As with most magic tricks, the reason it works is because the “Houdini” is not working alone. The tiny little pup couldn’t very well jump out of the pen, and from within the pen he doesn’t have the leverage to fold down the wall and walk out.

His feline assistant, however, isn’t limited in the same ways, and just runs over and casually check out the situation before springing her little chum!

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!


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