They Film Dark Clouds Rolling In, But Watch What Happens To Their Pool…


Do you believe that global warming is having a real effect on our current weather? 

Some believe that it’s all just a sham set up by the same people who claim that the end of the world is coming, but this family in Oklahoma will tell you differently! If you’ve ever been in a hail storm in the Midwest, you know that these hail balls could easily be the size of golf balls, leaving a good sized dent in the family car during an especially bad one.

But, hail that makes your pool look like it’s boiling over? This family in Oklahoma was used to bad winter weather, sure, and golf ball sized hail pellets? Well, that’s no big thing…but THIS? These chunks of ice were at least the size of large grapefruits. There’s no way you’d want to be caught outside in that mess.

If you watch closely, and you will see how what started out as a pretty mundane filming of the requisite black clouds rolling over the horizon soon turned into something much, much more.

This Isn’t Just A Storm, And That Is No Longer Just A Pool!


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