This Adorable Pet Lamb Thinks She Is a Dog – Watch Now


This is a nice heartwarming little video about a lamb that acts more like a dog than she does an actual lamb 🙂

This little lamb was rejected by her mother, so luckily her “people” brought her inside for a week or so to get her a big stronger, but that week turned into a few weeks and after several weeks of being inside, she started to play mor and more with the dog, as you can see in this video.

As they watched her get stronger and kept feeding her more and more, they started to notice that she started to take on more of the disposition of the dog, as opposed to a little white and black lamb.

In fact if you watch the video, you’ll see that not only does she act like the dog, but the dog actually acts more like a cat.

Perhaps this household is having a big case of mistaken identity.

Source: Adorable pet lamb thinks she’s a dog by sabouckaert on Rumble



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