This Audition Was So Amazing It Actually Made Simon Too Emotional To Speak – See It Now

It’s always a scary thing to be the final act or performance of the night. The final performer going up on stage, whether it be a comedian, or a band, or singer must deal with a crowd that is either going to be very excited for them to come up and do their thing, or they are going to be almost ready to leave, so the performers must already have a ton of nerves getting ready to be the last act of the day.

I can’t imagine if I was the last act and had to perform in front of a panel of celebrity judges who were probably ready to go back home or their hotel rooms and call it a night several hours before I step up there LOL.

But in this case, it was a bit different…

The very last audition of the night finally walked up on the stage. You can see that he has a certain way about him, a quiet confidence, but at the same time very humble.

Simon and the other judges let him know that during their years as judges, the final act can be either very good or absolutely terrible.

Josh Daniel knows this and still took the stage and explains why he chose the song he did. He stated the words had a different meaning to him and when he started to sing, you could hear it in his voice.

The camera continue to pan to Simon’s face as well as the other judges, but you will notice they seem to show Simon more…and there is a reason.

This Audition Was So Emotional For Josh and The Audience That Simon Couldn’t Hide His Emotions and Actually Started To Cry.

What Was it That Made Simon Cry? Watch Now To See

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238 Responses to “This Audition Was So Amazing It Actually Made Simon Too Emotional To Speak – See It Now”

  1. That was a beautiful performance. Such a great voice.

  2. Very very emotional song I felt what you felt Simon just emotional

  3. Simon your amazing. I knew you were a big softie. ❤️

  4. Simon has a big heart, this singer and song touched him deeply.

  5. OMG This is so beautiful. Please watch and share.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to a friend. Great job.

  7. The song and lyrics were about someone having died and how the person would be happy, free from suffering in heaven or words like that. Simon’s Mother had died a couple of weeks before and the lyrics and the singers rendition of the song touched Simon. Simon was still very affected by it after the show. Chery was heard saying she didn’t know what to do to help him.

  8. Fabulous, very touching, from the heart.

  9. wow,it’s nice to see Simon show his emotions,the young man was awesome

  10. He is an idiot,he doesn’t have a clue!!

  11. cant see it too leave a comment

  12. Simon Cowell speechless…..unbelievable. And brought to tears……I knew deep down despite the rough and gruff Simon portrays himself to be at times, he is just filled with Jello. Good for you Simon to show your humanity.

  13. I don’t remember him being so soft on American Idol!

  14. Wow loved it and the whole new meaning!

  15. Simply awesome and extremely emotional. You could feel his pain over the loss of his special friend…Very touching to say the least..

  16. watch this if you can an get the tissues

  17. Simon had just lost his Mother. This song was very emotional for him.

  18. very emotional audition beautiful

  19. I have NEVER EVER seen Simon Cowell brought to tears before and speechless. What an amazing performance!

  20. This is Awesome, have your tissue handy..

  21. this is beautiful could listen all day to it

  22. this si how most people feel after they lose someone they love even simon couldn’t hold back the emotions love this song

  23. didnt know he had a heart to cry

  24. Every time I watch this young man sing that song, i break down CRYING too.

  25. I got an instant “trying not to cry” headache watching this. Incredibley good.

  26. He had recently lost his mom…anyone would have felt that way.

  27. so simon you you have a soft heart,human not as tuff as you want people to think you are. on the other hand simon real men do cry sometimes. still love you like the knight in shine armor tuff when you got to be, soft if need be.

  28. Ça fait 100 fois qu’on le voit.

  29. Simon had just lost his mother about a week before this audition, of course he had tears in his eyes. Anyone would. Give the guy a break.

  30. Awesome awesome .. Serious emotional Simon <3 (y)

  31. i think this was a couple weeks after he lost his mother..that was why he was so emotional

  32. Simon’s mother apparently passed away just prior to this show

  33. Simon is a great judge he knows a good singer when he here it

  34. Such a beautiful song….so touching – even for Simon!!

  35. Simon had just lost his mother and that showed how truly human he is. He is an amazing judge and has that special gift to pick the best. Thank you Simon for your extreme talent in searching for the best.

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