This Cat Has A Hilarious Way To Make Daddy Feel Bad About Going To Work!

Every love someone so much you just hate to see them go out the door? Like your friendship is so deep that the thought of them leaving to work just sends you into a panic as to how to stop them from leaving?

This kitty does! While cat’s are often known for their indifference, this one breaks the stereotype. All pets, to some degree or another acknowledge the moment their owners return home. You will often find them waiting for you to pent the door.

This cat is unusual in the sense that it tries to prevent his owner from leaving in the first place. The moment his owner announces that he’s off to work the kitten clings desperately too him in hopes of delaying his departure.

Jumping from furniture pieces to boxes near the door the cat tries desperately to get as high as possible so that she can hug him with her claws and look deep into his eyes!

Check Out This Adorable Video Here!

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