This Dog Heard A Girl Drowning, He Saved Her, But That’s Not What’s Most Shocking!


This dog heard a girl drowning, his first instinct was to save her, and he did. Then she discovered that her hero was blind! OMG!

The dog, a Labrador retriever, named Norman, was just 1 year old when he was rescued from an animal shelter by Annette and Steve, just a day before he was scheduled to be euthanized. According to Wikipedia, euthanasia is, “the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering.

Annette said, “I knew I wanted to get Norman right away. Norman started barking at us, like he knew he was supposed to go with us…” After his rescue, an irreversible condition developed that caused Norman to become permanently blind. “He was just bumping into things during the daytime…

In July 1996, Norman proved that courage is all you need to be brave and despite being blind, it didn’t stop him from becoming a 15-year old girl’s hero! One day when he was walking on the beach with his owner, he hear cries for help from a drowning 15-year old and this was enough to make him dash to the rescue.

Watch The Amazing Story of Norman and His Life Saving Efforts Right Here


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