This Dog’s Amazing Routine Proves That Some Dogs Listen Better Than Most Adults


Jumpy, who is known as the world’s smartest dog, is so intelligent, so mind-blowing that you won’t believe the skills he has! This is one dog I’d love to have!

In this video you’ll see Jumpy attempt Skidboot’s routine. Skidboot was the first dog to be termed as the world’s smartest dog and he was also the winner of Pet Star’s first season. Owned by David and Barbara Hartwig, Skidboot was laid to rest on Sunday, the 25th of March 2007 beneath an oak tree to which he contributed greatly in building. Now here’s Jumpy, or should I say, Skidboot in-the-making! This amazing Cattle dog has the most amazing routine ever and trust me you don’t want to miss it! The last 7 seconds are going to blow you away!

Go Here To See Jumpy, The World’s Smartest Dog Alive! His Routine Will Drop Your Jaw!


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