This Dog’s Daddy Went Away For Two Months, But When He Returned? I Cried.


If you know how excited does your pet get when you come home from being at work all day, you know it is one of the best parts of the day.

Animals can show us joy on a level that we never see from other humans, and that is one of the joys of having animals in your life. Most of us also get excited to see our four legged family almost as much, and a long day at work is enough, and after a few hours we are ready to be at home with our family. Sometimes, however, work can call people away from the house for much longer, and the absence can be rough on everyone.

This man was away from home for 2 months! Out on the road, away from home, he missed hanging out with his best friend, his yellow lab. She missed him too, and when she finally saw him again, her reaction is priceless. She leaps almost clear to his shoulder for a giant bear hug. If he was any smaller, he would have been bowled over by her running charge. After a big hug and a lot of happy wiggling, she’s too much for him to hold up and he has to set her down. Does that stop her though? NO! She keeps leaping back at him, not even letting him get to the woman filming for a proper greeting.

The dog must do this every time, because neither of the people seem that surprised. Share if you agree this is the best kind of greeting you could get!

Feature Image Source: HeatherKlizaDaix


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