This Game Looks Like So Much Fun – Watch The Little Boy Play (TOO CUTE)


This game is not the easiest to find (believe me I’ve looked).

The basis of this game, from what I can see, is that you spin and land on a number between 1 & 4. That is how many times you must turn the dial.

If you land on a 3 you must turn the dial 3 times and hope you don’t end up with the pie in the face.

There is no way of knowing which click of the dial will set it off and as you can see in this video, the more they click the dial, the more they start laughing and getting nervous.

This video just gets more and more funny as you watch it, and it gets more and more hilarious for the man and the little boy playing it.

I guarantee you’ll watch this video and it will surely bring a huge smile to your face and most definitely a nice happy and hearty laugh.



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