This German Shepherd Just Had A Meal, But Seconds Later, He Does THIS!


Do you remember the story of Oliver and how he brought his bowl over to ask for more? Well this German Shepherd is just as earnest in his request, the only difference? He already ate a decent generous and filling meal!

But from the looks of it, you never would have guessed the dog just ate. The dog looks at the owner with soulful eyes and bangs on his empty metal bowl making it quite clear that he wanted it refilled with some more dog food. The owner pretends to be confused as to what the dog wants  teasingly asking, “May I help you with something?”

The dog, seeing that the obvious hint flew over the owner’s head, decides to take a more direct approach. He walks over to the owner, nuzzles his hand and leading him straight to the closet where the dog food is stored!

See What This Fur Ball Does Next To Make His Intentions Clear Here!


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